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Harlan Jasper Grayden was Elliot's hard-living, charismatic grandfather. He was a master plasterer, builder, champion archer, pilot, WWII vet, and truly terrible carpenter. He smashed every birdhouse he ever tried to build, but surely did it in style. We could't think of a better namesake for the joinery. Our carpentry skills are vastly superior to Harley's, but we like to think we've captured just a little of his larger than life 'je ne sais quo


Here at Harlan Jasper, our goal is to optimize automated manufacturing, inspire a creative team culture, and build cool stuff. We focus on innovative design, environmental efficiency and bringing to market a quality product.


We design, engineer, and manufacture both residential and commercial projects in Commerce City, CO (Denver adjacent).


Our design and engineering team is exceptional at realizing any vision. Every member of our shop crew knows exactly what they're building and how the final result needs to be realized. Nothing leaves the shop without a thorough inspection and photoshoot in front of our soft box lighting setup. We believe in a holistic approach and every member of our team is engaged and deliberate.

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