about us

Harlan Jasper was Elliot's hard-living, charismatic grandfather. He was a master plasterer, builder, champion archer, pilot, WWII vet, and truly terrible carpenter. He smashed every birdhouse he ever tried to build, but surely did it in style. We could't think of a better namesake for the joinery. Our carpentry skills are vastly superior to Harley's, but we like to think we've captured just a little of his 'je ne sais quoi'.



Harlan Jasper Joinery was Elliot and Kelly's brainchild during 2 year long trip around the world. There's nothing like espresso on Xlendi Bay, bougainvillea in Taormina, or a hawker stall in Singapore to inspire creative thinking. They moved back to Denver excited to build something cool in a young, vibrant city. When they met Barrett, a transplant from Brooklyn and a master general contractor, they knew they had found the perfect partner. 


Their goal was optimizing automated manufacturing efficiency, building a smart, creative team culture, being a great place to work, focusing on truly innovative design, and bringing to market an artisan-quality product for any price point. We're not your grandparents' wood shop, but we like to think they would enjoy a tour.

We couldn't be prouder of the smart, kind, and interesting group of people we call our Harlan Jasper family! 

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