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Let't talk Melamine

Hey, you know that hideous laminate counter top your aunt Sally's had for the last 30 years. You know how it's in perfect condition...even though it looks like it belongs in the Brady Bunch house? Yeah, that's because it's indestructible.

*Prepare for material science* The thermal fused melamine topcoat utilizes the same external layer as "nuc proof" laminate or formica.

And, yea, it's gotten a bad reputation because of sloppy install, out of square reveals and poor edgebanding (industry specific nitpick but very important). But designed, engineered, built and installed right, it's a damn cool and uber long lasting product.

What I'm trying to say is Aunt Sally may not have taste. Aunt Sally may have a 4 pack a day habit and margarine colored countertops but, she sure knows what lasts.

Check out Harlan Jasper's latest textured melamine project in LoHi, Denver. Perfectly scribed to the wavy, old walls, perfects reveals- we go the distance to make our product look cool. It's so close to done we can taste it and, man, does it look slick. Once we put on that black hardware and will be glamorous.

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